Friday, September 16, 2011

About the Center

Alan Caruba, the founder of the Center, has been debunking science frauds and others since 1990 by providing the best, documented, and insightful commentary to as wide an audience as possible, including many mainstream publications that publish the commentaries.

Caruba has been a longtime contributor to many leading news and opinion websites that include Canada Free Press, CNS News, and Family Security Matters. His daily blog posts are routinely re-posted on dozens of comparable websites, blogs, forums and other Internet outlets, giving them a far-reaching national and international audience of readers.

His blog, "Warning Signs" and Facebook page are popular gathering places for fans of his commentaries. An updated list of the websites and blogs that post his writings can be found at Caruba Editorial Services. His monthly Internet report on new books is Bookviews and his popular media spoof, The Boring Institute, also has a blog.

Since purposefully raising fear and anxiety over various issues is the main weapon used by various special interest groups, the Center was named for this practice and exists to refute it.

It was apparent that decades of having been told the Earth was doomed due to global warming, that the nation’s forests were disappearing, that there was no place to put the garbage, that virtually every species was endangered, that drilling for oil or natural gas, or mining coal and other minerals was a danger, and that just about anything you ate, drank or breathed could kill you, too many Americans had fallen prey to these deceptions.

Through the Center, Caruba has responded with articles and news releases based on scientific data. Out of this early effort came the realization that the environmental movement—the Greens—had a political agenda that was international in scope. That it was, in fact, based on failed socialist economic theory and sought to impose a world government directed by the United Nations.

It became obvious, as well, that the United Nations, through its Environmental Programme, including its Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, was directing the many efforts to cripple the economies of capitalist nations by restricting their access to their own and other natural resources.

This was further supported by programs that were intended to restrict land use, attacking rancher’s grazing rights or the construction of any new housing or other facilities. Many of these programs are an attack on property rights, the keystone of capitalism.

Legislation such as the Endangered Species Act, the vast matrix of U.S. environmental laws, and through a myriad of international treaties, protocols, and conferences everything that can be done to slow or stop development of any kind has been undertaken.

Efforts to leave millions vulnerable to diseases can be seen in the U.S. and U.N. attacks on the use of pesticides such as DDT. This has contributed directly to the needless deaths of millions from Malaria and other insect and rodent-borne diseases. The World Health Organization, after three decades, has called for the use of DDT to fight Malaria.

The attacks on genetically modified food crops are yet another way to reduce the provision of vital grains and other food sources.

Caruba has become a popular guest on radio and television, and the Center receives media coverage throughout the year. He is available for speaking engagements.

The Center is highly dependent on donations to cover to the cost of operations. They are, however, not tax deductible.

The Center’s office is in South Orange, NJ 07079.

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